Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Blog 5

For this assignment, I’m going to incarnate Chloe’s.

Today, I think Pete said to Clark that I would like to be more than a friend for him, because he started to act carefully with me. Later, he told me that he forget the reservation for the journalism congress. Justin Gaines, a friend who get an accident, lose the motricity of his hands. When he came back to school, we started a relation. In my case it was for making Clark becoming jealous. Clark started to bring back something that happened to Justin’s doctor. Than, I was kissing Justin when all the object around us started flying. Justin told me his secret; he was able to move things with his mind.
After, Kwan was killed mysteriously by his car. Hi knew too much so I called Clark to explain him when I was hit. I don’t know how, but Clark saved me from Justin.

In the beginning, I felt a little bit putted away by Clark and I was feeling angry. So when I saw Justin, first I was really happy, then I saw the perfect moment to make Clark jealous. I tried to avoid Clark, but he find me. I was so angry that I don’t listen at him. Normally, I would have made some research about what happened to Justin’s doctor. When Clark saved me, I was feeling so bad to have done this to one of my best friends. But I finally talked with him and I will go to the Spring Ball with Clark.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Episode 10

Hi, my name is Clark Kent. I possess powers that only my parents and I are aware of. I was at a ceremony for Luther Hall at the Metropolis Museum when I saw an accident, so I saved the old guy who was sleeping on the bench. I thought that nobody had seen me but a police officer made an investigation to know who stopped the bus. He asked me to steal some files in the police director apartment. I stole them but I also made him get caught by the police. Later, the officer put a dead guy in our barn and my father was arrested. I thought about killing the guy, but I didn’t do it. After, to get my dad free, he asked me a last service to make him rich. So, I did what he wanted, but not necessarily how he wanted. He got caught by the police and my dad was released.

In that situation, I was very angry because I loved your dad and I didn’t want to lose him. The police officer made me feel guilty about my dad's incarceration because I tried to put him in jail. Lex Luthor talked to me about this man, but I didn’t listen so I made a bad move trying to do that. This guy was the most corrupted cop of all Metropolis, but when I saw my father in the house, I was so happy to see him because this whole story happened because of my powers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Episode 7

Q: Who was the enemy of Clark?
R: It’s a girl called Judy who is a little big and who is disliked by the guys of the school.

Q: What was Judy’s dream?
R: She wants to be a beautiful girl to go to Lana’s birthday party at Lex Luthor's house.

Q: How was she going to be slim?
R: Judy was going to be vegetarian. She was going to make her meals with fresh vegetables from her garden in the blender.

Q: What were her needs after these shakes?
R: Judy was going to need a lot of fat. It started when she hit an animal on the road, she approached the deer and started sucking all his fat.

Q: What was the source of this need?
R: The source comes from the meteor fragments that were in the soil of Judy's garden. It modified the molecular appearance of the vegetables that she ate.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Clark find himself

In the first episode of the popular series Smallville, we see the beginning of our superhero, Clark Kent. In the beginning, we are looking at a meteor storm. All Smallville is under a catastrophe and the young kid finds his parents, naked in the middle of nowhere. Then, we see the child at school where he’s in love with the fabulous Lana Lang a girl who lost her parents in the storm. His return to school was tough because Lex Luthor, a rich guy rolled over Clark and they fell into the river. Lex is going to give him a nice pickup, that he’s going to refuse. Later, Clark’s dad told him his real origin and showed him his UFO. Later, the superhero saved everybody of a maniac who wanted is revenge about a bad joke. The teenager is going to fight with this guy and arrange everything at the graduation dance. He’s gone dream about Lana dancing a last dance with him and finally, she is going to smile after hearing the voice of Clark in the wind.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Smallville: The Beginnig

To respect the right tense, imagine that you are in 2001. I can’t give you the right date of the episode, because I’m going to watch them on DVDs. (On the DVDs, the language is only in English.)

I chose a TV program called ''Smallville''. This show is presented on the Warner Bros. Channel. This program is the life of the superhero that everyone knows, Superman. It talks about how Superman came to Earth and how he lives within our society. Clark Kent is the main character of this series. The actor who is portraying Clark is Tom Welling. This program is not like the movies, because at the beginning of the first episode, Clark is only fifteen. I’ve got a lot of good comments on this series, but I never take the time to watch it. Now I hope it’s going to be great to watch it.

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